Can you help with translations of Fight the Fire?

In the first two weeks since The Ecologist and AIDC co-published Jonathan Neale’s book, Fight the Fire: Green New Deals and Global Climate Jobs, 7200 people downloaded it as a free pdf or a free e-book. We think there may well be a similar demand for the book in other languages. So we want to encourage translations.

We also want to encourage the model of publications we have used, with a free pdf and a free e-book for download in order to get the ideas to as many people as possible. There might also be a paperback edition for sale. We do not have any money to pay translators, so this will have be volunteer work.

This might involve one publisher or organisation bringing out a translation. Or it might mean, as it did with the English translation, several organisations working together. That would probably also include several different translators working together to speed the process. Indeed, speed is important because of the importance of the political moment.

If you are interested in being involved in one way or another, please contact Jonathan Neale, who holds the rights, at

We have already arranged a Turkish translation. Other people have volunteered to help with Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish, French and Spanish, but we need other people to help them, because it is a big job for just one person.

If there is a free pdf and e-book, we would ask for no advance payment and much reduced royalties on any commercial sales. In most cases, any commercial royalties would go to the translators.

For how to download a free copy of the e-book or the pdf, click here.

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