One Day Strikes – A lesson from the past on why they don’t work, and what we can do instead

Jonathan Neale writes:

One chapter on the 1982 hospital workers strikes from a book I wrote many years ago seems very relevant now. I hope it will be useful, in different ways, to university workers and hospital workers. You can download the chapter here.

For the university workers’ strikes right now, this chapter holds bitter lessons about why one day and five-day strikes will lose. But 2022 is not 1982. There is a way now to move to an indefinite strike and win. In this post I explain how and why that is possible. At the end of the post I also talk briefly about the relevance of the chapter to health workers now.

I was an occupational therapy technician in a geriatric hospital during the 1982 strikes, and a shop steward in the National Union of Public Employees.

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