Here is a list of our favourites, and our readers’ favourites, from the blog.

Why Radical Academics Find it Hard to Write, and What to Do About It. 12,000 people have read this, which suggests the problem is widespread. We hope it helps you.

Punishing Bad Boys. How one grade school in California prepared black fifth graders for prison.

Sing-Along Gender Theory: Sometimes it Takes Balls to be a Woman. Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, the Chicks and the gang help you to understand the theory, because they have in fact thought deeply about these matters.

Gang Abuse in Oxford. Explains how and why a cover-up lasted for many years in Oxford, and how organised resistance from below finally exposed it

Sexual Violence and Class Inequality

Thinking about Feminism and Islamophobia (1)

Thinking about Feminism and Islamophobia (2) ‘Traditional’ and ‘Modern’ in Turkey

Gendering Abu Ghraib

ISIS, Sexual Violence and Killing Gay Men

A Valentine’s Day Story

Iranian Street Aesthetics


Nancy Lindisfarne and Jonathan Neale, 2014, Class Inequality and Sexual Violence NLJN31Jan15FINAL

Andrea Cornwall and Nancy Lindisfarne, eds., 1994, Dislocating Masculinity  dislocating_masculinity-libre

Nancy Lindisfarne, 1991, Bartered Brides: Marriage and Politics in an Afghan Tribal Society barteredbrides


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